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Micropen TR

Tattoo Removal

First time patients $199

A breakthrough technology using a skin needling device with many small surgical needles. This revolutionary treatment out performs all standard creams, lasers and dermabrasion. For many, those old techniques presented considerable downsides, from expense and scarring to concerns about what happens to the ink after a treatment.

Of 45 million people who have tattoos, at least twenty percent regret and want to remove the ink. The key is finding a safe, effective and affordable solution. The tattoo removal MicroPen TR utilizes the Trans-Epidermal Pigment Release (TEPR) technique which delivers superior results compared to many of the existing tattoo removal options. The unwanted ink is erased using natural products and a specially trained process similar to reverse tattoo methods.

The Tattoo Removal MicroPen TR technology dissolves the ink, and lifts it from the body avoiding the lymphatic system. After a few seconds, patients are free of undesirable artwork. Tattoos are completely gone within 4-5 sessions!


$2600 Unlimited treatments 3 sq inch.

$2800 Unlimited treatments 5 sq inch.

$3500 Unlimited treatments 10 sq inch.

Club Members: $189 per treatment