What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure that is carried out by a qualified technician using a specialist hand-tool which holds disposable microblades. Would you like natural, flawless, and fuller looking eyebrows? What if I told you they could stay that way for up to 18 months or more? If you said yes, then let me introduce you to microblading. Microblading, also called eyebrow embroidery, is a new and exciting technique, where thin hair strokes are created by using a superfine row of needles.

The result is very full and natural looking eyebrows, regardless of how much hair was present. Microblading is perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill-in over plucked brows. It is considered semi-permanent, compared to tattooing techniques used in permanent makeup, lasting 11 to 18 months, or longer in some cases.

It is done using a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the epidermis. Because we’re impacting color closer to the surface, the strokes appear crisp and very fine. There is no “spilling” under the skin. This method is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows. The pigments used in this method are formulated to match your original eyebrow color, and if the eyebrows are still present, blend perfectly into them.

How does it work?

The required pigment is deposited into the superficial dermis of the skin with the disposable microblade which allows the technician to create bespoke, crisp hair strokes which look like natural eyebrow hair.

How does it differ from semi permanent tattooing?

Microblading differs from conventional semi-permanent tattooing by the very fact that it is a manual procedure. When using a hand held micro blade, the colour is deposited closer to the surface than when a machine is used leaving very fine and crisp hair strokes with no spilling under the skin.


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Who can have Microblading?

With all semi-permanent makeup procedures it is the practitioner’s responsibility to make sure that there are no contraindications to treatment. If there is a medical condition the clinic doctor will be consulted prior to treatment. People suffering from alopecia, trigonometrical or any other condition that causes hair loss benefit greatly from Microblading, as well as people who simply aren’t happy with their eyebrows. REMEMBER: We have your best interests in mind.

How long does the pigmentation last?

Microblading tends to last between 18-36 months and after this period of time may need a colour boost or refresh.

Does it hurt?

Like all semi-permanent procedures microblading will require a topical anaesthetic which can be topped up throughout the procedure making it relatively painless.


First time patient only! $550 Club / $650 Non-Club, includes one free touch-up (one-month post-treatment)

Service includes  20 minutes pre-numbing with 30% lidocaine solution
Service takes approximately 1-2 hours
Service includes one free touch up (one month post treatment)

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